A short look at FREE WILL – featuring Foucault, Camus and Freud

Currently reading Raoul Martinez’s book ‘Creating freedom’, the first chapter discusses how important luck is in defining our life chances. Martinez talks about we do not choose, when or where we are born, or any of the structural implication on our life chances and our freedom. Reading this made me want to write a blog about free will and how much freedom we really have given the material reality we exist in. Existentialism The existential view, espoused mainly by Satre is that we are radically free. An existentialist viewpoint is that no matter what the situation, we are free to … Continue reading A short look at FREE WILL – featuring Foucault, Camus and Freud

Fromm, Psychoanalysis and Brexit

I have just finished Eric Fromm’s book ‘The Fear of Freedom’ and noticed some interesting parallels with Brexit. Fromm suggests that when people feel hopeless and alone, they are able to defer this feeling by exhibiting some sado/masochistic behaviour. They often masochistically give themselves up to a higher power such as a king, god or a nation. At the same time however, they can act sadistically towards perceived objects of weakness. Lots of people do feel helpless and alone in the alienating capitalist system that we all have to play a part in. Therefore they look to escape. So how … Continue reading Fromm, Psychoanalysis and Brexit

Pepsi and the Impotence of Protest

  So, the latest advert for Pepsi seems to have caused a lot of controversy online, with many people accusing them of re-appropriating the “black lives matter” protests to promote their product. The advert features a small group of happy protesters, one of which is celebrity Kendall Jenner, who at the climax of the advert, gives a can of Pepsi to a policeman, which he takes and enjoys.  Lots of people are complaining on twitter about this advert, but for me, this advert seems to reflect the in-adequateness of contemporary protests and movements. Firstly let’s look at the nature of … Continue reading Pepsi and the Impotence of Protest

Two Minutes of Hate – But who do we hate?

So I’m currently reading Owen Jones fantastic book ‘Chavs’. It is an insightful look at how the working class have been demonized by government and media forces, weirdly though it seems this 2011 book has taken on a new importance in post Brexit Britain… It’s one of the oldest tricks in politics to create an in group/out group dynamic in order to scare the public. Whereas Jones’ book suggests that working class people are the out group, it’s fair to say that in the past few months that ‘immigrants’ or ‘Muslims’ have become the scapegoat for the right wing media … Continue reading Two Minutes of Hate – But who do we hate?